food allergy treatment

Prior to this century, all we could  do for highly allergic people is advice them to avoid eating the food and to carry an epinephrine device to use in the event of accidental ingestion.

Since ~2006 clinics around the country and world have been desensitizing kids and adults to many types of foods using a process called oral immunotherapy (OIT).

OIT is similar to allergy shots or penicillin desensitization where you start with eating a tiny amount of food, then gradually increase the amount every 1-2 weeks until reaching a normal serving.

This process can be completed in 4-6 months.  To maintain a desensitized state, the food continues to be eaten daily for an indefinite time period.  Some people will actually lose their allergy over several years, most will need to continue eating the food at least a few days a week.

We have been delivering OIT to patients throughout Florida and beyond since 2012.

3rd Quarter OIT results at the Food Allergy Center


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